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Reigns Reigns takes a shot at The Young Bucks: “we don’t need guys acting like DX”

Roman Reigns is creating some waves with some of his recent comments on a conference call that included the guys from the Inside The Ropes podcast. Specifically, most people are reacting to comments about today’s roster and how WWE does not need “guys acting like DX from 15 years ago.” That was an obvious reference to The Young Bucks.

Here is what Reigns said:

“It’s gonna be scary how good he is in a couple years. Once he’s reached the experience level and worked with a bunch of different guys, like I have, I’m gonna be really happy to work with him again and see what he’s learned and how much he’s progressed since then. He’s been on the fast track – there’s no doubt.” Reigns continued, “No offense to any of these guys. We don’t need guys running around doing ‘Too Sweets’ and we don’t need guys acting like DX from 15 years ago. We need original characters, guys who are them. I need Seth Rollins to be Seth Rollins. I need Kevin Owens to be Kevin Owens. I need Bray Wyatt to be Bray Wyatt. We need original superstars who have no clue what was done 15-20 years ago [and] no disrespect of our history and our past [but] we’re trying to create something new here and that’s the most important thing.”

Reigns went on to say that he is the first and only Roman Reigns and wanted to point out that he is not trying to be the next John Cena. Reigns said that there is something special happening with this current roster but it will take some time.

Matt Jackson responded: “You expect old-timers/shock jocks to bury you, but not current, young, top-guys that you respect. Disappointing. #usVSthem”

You can listen to what Reigns said by clicking below:

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