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Released star says WWE will conveniently leave things out that’ll get talent more over

Dolph Ziggler took to Twitter to see if anyone had a clip of his promo with Sonya Deville from this past Friday’s episode of SmackDown because WWE didn’t upload it. Instead, they posted the backstage segment with Otis & Mandy Rose from the show.

Ziggler also noted the clip with him and Deville was “conveniently” missing. This got a response by Karl Anderson, who was released by WWE last month as part of the mass talent cuts.

Anderson stated in his response that WWE will conveniently leave things out that could get talent more over with fans.

Ziggler wrote, “Anyone know how to find or have a clip of myself and Sonya backstage from smackdown Friday? They conveniently posted the Otis/Mandy one but not our.”

Anderson responded, “They’ll conveniently leave out lots of things that’ll get you more over.”

This isn’t the first time that Ziggler has called out the company for doing something like this. Back in January, he called out the company for not showing footage of Edge hitting a spear during his return at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. WWE did later upload the footage.

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