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Released WWE star reacts to Cody Rhodes not being interested in signing him


Heath Slater was one of many WWE stars and staff who were released from the company last month due to budget cuts that relate to the financial impact of the coronavirus.

With so many stars available on the free-agent market now, there will be other promotions looking to sign them such as AEW, NJPW, ROH, Impact Wrestling, MLW, and more.

A hurdle in the way of many signing new deals with other promotions is the fact that some promotions can’t or won’t run shows due to the regulations issued by various states in the United States because of the coronavirus.

AEW has picked up some talent who was released by WWE such as Luke Harper, Matt Hardy, and likely The Revolt.

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Cody Rhodes has expressed confidence in the ability of Zack Ryder, who is good friends with the AEW executive. In fact, he talked about Ryder during a recent Q&A on Instagram Live.

Slater’s name was brought up in this Q&A as a potential AEW signing, which Rhodes responded in a short yet simple statement. “Nope, no on Heath Slater.”

Slater responded to Rhodes’ comments by writing the following:

“Damn!! NO. Nope on Heath?? I know you are a new businessman but that was a bad business decision.”

You can watch the Q&A below, which is timestamped to Rhodes’ comments about Slater: