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Released WWE star reveals his new name



Erick Rowan, real name Joseph Ruud, has made his first set of merchandise available through Pro Wrestling Tees now that he’s no longer under contract with WWE.

Rowan, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, was released by WWE last month as part of mass talent and staff releases due to budget cuts.

By releasing new merchandise, we also found out what his new ring name will be, which is "Erick RedBeard.” The new t-shirts have references to his departure as well as gimmicks from WWE that fans can buy for $24.99.

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One shirt has a sheep mask logo with "Recycled" in all-caps above the logo. Inside of the logo, there are references to his past WWE gimmicks such as spider, brother, and firefly, and Genius

Another interesting t-shirt is the "RedBeard Lives" that has his WWE departure date on a tombstone, which was April 15th.

Just like all of the WWE talent who were released around that date, they are under a 90-day non-compete clause that runs out on July 15th.