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Released WWE star says he is ditching his character and fans will see an aggressive and serious side of him



Recently released WWE Superstar No Way Jose (real name Levis Valenzuela) was interviewed by Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes.

Jose says he knew that releases were coming when WWE sent out a video to everyone and the video was included an announcement from Vince McMahon saying that there would be budget cuts coming because of the coronavirus. Jose talked about being bummed out when reading about his friends being released and then hours later he got the call about his release from Mark Carrano.

He strongly hinted that the No Way Jose character is done and he will be changing things up as he continues his wrestling career.

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Jose said, "It's tough not because now I have to either try to go back into that [character] or try to come up with something completely different.' He added, "As good as the character was for me in terms of making a living, I don't want to continue that character. I just feel like it did what it did and if people want to book me for that or whatever, it's gonna be possibly one off or whatnot but I have so much more to show. I have a more serious side, I have an aggressive side."

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking below.