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Renee Paquette on two night WrestleMania's: "There's even more, where now I feel it makes it almost feel less important."

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On this week's "Throwing Down With Renee and Miesha," Renee Paquette shared that she feels having WrestleMania on two nights is too much.

"I think it's too much. The idea I would imagine behind doing two days is to make it even bigger, and it's even better, and there's even more, where now I feel it makes it almost feel less important,” she said.

“I want to go in there and I want it to be the regular WrestleMania week with Monday Night Raw, the go home show. Then there's going to be NXT doing their go home show. I mean they've got their Stand and Deliver show coming up. Then Smackdown will do their go home show. Then we go into Saturday and Sunday shows. Actually, I don't know when they're doing the Hall of Fame. Then the big day also is the Monday after WrestleMania which is when tons of people debut new storylines. It really just has this breath of fresh air. There's still the WrestleMania crew. The people that have flown in from all around the world to check out WrestleMania are still there, so it's a super rowdy crowd.”

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“But also like the Mania days are long. They are long, long shows usually with a two hour kickoff show that's going to have other matches on it," she continued.

"Then you get into the actual card, which is going to run you about four hours apiece. It's like six hours a day. To me, it makes it feel a little bit less important and a little bit less exciting, because I feel like there should be one main event of WrestleMania. It's not like 'Oh, who's whose main-eventing the first night? Whose main-eventing this night? What matches are on each card? Which night is that all going to happen.' Like that just makes it feel a little convoluted and messy to me."

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