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Renee Young recalls Jim Ross telling her she’d be better utilized outside WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw commentator Renee Young was recently a guest on Hall Of Famer Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report. During the show, Young talked about Ross once advising her that her skills would best be utilized outside WWE, and wanting to work more directly with Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn. Here are the highlights:

Ross advising her that her skills would best be used outside WWE:

“Yeah, I do remember that! I think some of my skills and assets can be used in other roles… it’s such a finicky thing… it can be used in other roles and that has happened to me throughout my career with WWE let alone what I’ve done outside of WWE.” Young said.

“But, yeah, I’m just trying to roll with the punches, and sort of land in the right spot, and sort of navigate my career in the best way that I can. And when stuff falls in your lap, and when ideas come up, and things kind of change, I just sort of roll with things the best way I can, and keep my head above water and keep looking out for what the next best move is for me.”

Wanting to work more directly with Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn:

“Again, it’s so new. It’s new waters for everybody and I think that’s kind of what’s happening now. It’s figuring out how to best produce me, how to get me in a good spot. For me to use Vince McMahon and having built that relationship, and get on the same page, and do the stuff that I can possibly do to make him happy for how I’m treating his product, yeah.

“Between him and Kevin Dunn, I want to be able to be produced by them more because in the past I haven’t really had that experience of working with them.

“Now to be able to have more firsthand interaction with them, it’s invaluable.” Young noted, “it’s invaluable to be able to get that kind of perspective from the man that is behind everything that we know and love about WWE.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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