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Renee Young responds to critics of her announcing on WWE Raw

Renee Young has improved since she was brought up to the Monday Night Raw announcer’s table but that hasn’t stopped the vocal minority from disrespecting her on Twitter.

A “fan” took to Twitter to describe every WWE announcer except Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness as “shi**y.” The comment was in response to a tweet by Renee Young so Young saw it and responded back.

As you can see in a second tweet from Young, she made it clear that her job is not easy. She wrote: “Here’s the truth. I know im not great on commentary, but it’s my job. I try to get better each week. People love to tell me how bad I am at it as if I think I’m great at it. So I should just quit? What would that say about me? Not easy to learn a skill on a gigantic global tv show.”

Young did not mention Vince McMahon but I’ll say that it’s extremely difficult to do three hours of Raw every Monday and at least one pay-per-view per month with McMahon micromanaging everything. Announcers have to say things the way McMahon wants at the right time and they have to tiptoe around certain words and phrases and they always need to be wary about what to say and what not to say at certain times because either it’s something that is not allowed to be said on the air or because there’s a certain storyline direction in place and they need to hold back.

There’s so much that goes into what Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young do every week and it’s a testament to them that they can pull it off because most people would have quit after the first week.

You can read Young’s comments below:


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