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Renee Young reveals her big announcement



Renee Young has revealed the big announcement that she teased on Sunday.

The WWE announcer says she has written a cookbook and the manuscript was handed over today. Young says she's been talking about this for years and the book will include over 70 recipes. She also noted that the book will come with a music playlist to help people set the mood when they cook something from one of her recipe's. Young said the name of the book and release date will be announced at a later time but she is leaning towards calling the book "Holy Bleep" but that may not make the cut.

Congratulations to her on the great news.

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Here is the announcement she posted on her Instagram page:

"Announcement time!!!!!

Finally it’s here and i can share it with you guys!! I wrote a cookbook! I finally handed over my manuscript today. Been writing and cooking my butt off for 3 months, and i couldn’t be more excited for the rest of the process to get this book to you lovely people!!"