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Renee Young says she is open to possibly wrestling in WWE, comments on Total Divas



Renee Young appeared on episode 89 of Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T to talk about various topics. During the podcast, Booker asked Young if she would be willing to wrestle in WWE. She noted that you have to be prepared for anything in WWE. She said that if Vince McMahon called her and told her that she would be in an eight-man woman tag team match, then she would be open to the idea but noted that she has not trained to be a pro wrestler.

When asked about being on Total Divas, Young noted that the main thing that was weird to her when she started doing the show was having cameras on her all the time. “It’s a different thing when they’re filming you when you’re out to dinner, and you’re having a cocktail, and you start getting a little bit of loose lips when you’re out there hanging out. But the weird thing would be I would fall asleep and wake up after having said cocktails, like, ‘ah! Are the cameras still on me? What am I wearing? What’s happening?’ It puts you on a little bit of a different mindset.” She said that it’s great to have another fan base to tap into because the show is so popular and that she is happy that she joined the cast.

Young also talked about her relationship with Dean Ambrose and more. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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