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Renee Young taking over Smackdown/Raw? Update on ESPN's interest in signing her

Within WWE, a lot of people are seeing a major ascension from Renee Young. As noted last week, Renee has been moved to WWE Superstars to the commentary position. She also does the pre and post game shows. The belief in WWE is that she will eventually be moved to Smackdown at some point and then from there she'll eventually be moved to Raw.

As far as the interest from ESPN that was reported a couple of months ago, she's given the impression that she's staying with WWE and she has time left on her contract with WWE. She is different from Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman. They were guys that started out covering real sports and then landed jobs with WWE and their hearts were with real sports. Renee is actually a wrestling person and followed wrestling before she was signed by WWE.

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