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REPORT: A major name is being considered as John Cena's WWE WrestleMania opponent



Although the current plans for the Universal Championship match at WrestleMania is for Bray Wyatt to defend against Roman Reigns, there's a decent chance those plans may change.

WrestleVotes is reporting that four big names could be tied together. They mentioned the possibility of Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Title and John Cena vs. Goldberg. The other possibility mentioned was Wyatt vs. Cena with Cena winning his 17th world title along with Reigns vs. Goldberg in the battle of the spear versus the spear. So a combination of those matches may end up happening.

Cena is reportedly being allowed to decide what he wants to do on the show and he has publicly expressed interest in wrestling on the show.

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Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Goldberg is only scheduled for Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. However, as Meltzer pointed out, Goldberg's return on SmackDown helped the overall ratings for the show because his quarter-hour was the highest for the entire show and the best quarter-hour the show has done in recent memory. Vince McMahon can look at the numbers and decide that getting Goldberg on WrestleMania against Cena or Goldberg is worth the investment.

Putting on the best card as possible to generate as many buys as possible is more important than ever as they are in talks with potential streaming partners. Amazon Prime and the new Peacock Network are rumored to be interested in the rights to big WWE pay-per-views.

We should get a better idea of the direction for Cena, Goldberg, Reigns and Wyatt by February 27 when WWE heads to Saudi Arabia for Super ShowDown. Cena is scheduled to appear on SmackDown on February 28.