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REPORT: Concern over Daniel Bryan's health from WWE officials, why he isn't a top guy

The reason why Daniel Bryan is in the Intercontinental title ladder match on Sunday and not in a featured match, according to PWInsider, is because there is still a major concern for his health.

Bryan noted in interviews that he underwent a unique type of rehab for his neck last year and the concern from the company is that he could have reoccurring neck issues. This is being compared to Kurt Angle's neck fusion surgery from 2003 where he was expected to be out for a long period of time but the neck fusion allowed him to return early. I believe Edge got a similar type of surgery and has said that he regrets doing it.

The report notes that Bryan would be in a more prominent position if WWE officials were not worried about his neck and elbow issues.

What does not make sense to me is why is the company putting him in a ladder match? Also, Bryan has taken a lot of bumps on his neck since his return. In fact, he wrestled two matches when he made his return in January and has been wrestling at all of the house shows and recently wrestled in a long gauntlet match on Smackdown.

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I think it's worth noting that WWE's plans for Roman Reigns to headline WrestleMania 31 were set in stone a year or so ago so that was not going to change. There were talks in February about having Daniel Bryan added to the main event this year but Vince McMahon decided against it because he felt that it wasn't a good idea to repeat what they did last year.