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REPORT: Daniel Bryan apparently did not suffer from a concussion

The situation with Daniel Bryan is kind of strange right now because the word just a couple of days ago was that he was pulled off the European tour because of a concussion. Dave Meltzer was told that the concussion happened during the match with Sheamus on Smackdown when Bryan was busted open. Bryan got stitches after the match.

However, as noted on this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio, the official word from WWE is that he did not suffer a concussion and they are not saying exactly what the issue is other than he is banged up. It’s worth noting that after the match with Sheamus on Smackdown, Bryan was originally set to wrestle in singles matches on the European tour but the match card was changed and instead he was put in tag matches and he was protected in his matches. This led to speculation that he was having neck issues again.

There’s no word on his status for tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw or for anything right now. He is scheduled to defend the Intercontinental title at Extreme Rules so I would guess that we’ll find out more tomorrow night.


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