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REPORT: Fans in San Jose unhappy about lack of Hall of Fame tickets on sale

We got a report from a fan that tried to buy WWE Hall of Fame tickets at the box office at the SAP Center today. Apparently there were fans that left without tickets because there were very limited amount of tickets left at the box office due to the majority of them being sold on the internet.

The problem here, according to our correspondent, is that WWE promised fans in the area at the last house show they ran there that they would have the first shot at tickets. There were fans that waited hours in line this morning to wait for the box office to start selling tickets.

From my understanding, as of a couple of hours ago, most of the tickets were sold out and they will likely be all sold out before Monday.

UPDATED 8:15pm EST: A WWE rep told us that fans at the last San Jose house show were offered a first chance at WrestleMania tickets, not the Hall of Fame.

If that is the case then it’s not WWE’s fault as it’s usually first come, first serve and you always run the risk of getting shut out since tickets are purchased by most fans through the internet.


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