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REPORT: Finn Balor's main roster debut is imminent



I know there have been teases going on forever on social media, but Finn Balor's main roster debut is said to be imminent. That is the latest update from the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

On NXT TV, they are pushing that Balor's next big match will be against Shinsuke Nakamura. It appears that Nakamura vs. Balor will be taped at the next set of NXT tapings or the tapings in July because the long-term plan for Nakamura is for him to challenge Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship and that looks like it'll take place at NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn. On this week's NXT TV, Nakamura told Balor, "if I want to be the champion, I have to beat the icon." So, if they don't tape at the next TV tapings or the July tapings, then I guess that means that Nakamura could pull double duty in Brooklyn. I think that's unlikely though.

They will be taping NXT on 6/24 and 7/13 so the match could happen on either of those days. The draft takes place on 7/11 so it would make sense to have Balor on 7/18 (Raw) or 7/19 (Smackdown). 7/19 will be the day when Smackdown moves to Tuesday nights.

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If they want to have Balor debut this weekend at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, then I guess they can keep him in NXT until his match with Nakamura while he still works on the main roster. If he interferes this Sunday then it would make sense since the contract signed on Raw stipulated that The Club would not interfere but it said nothing about Balor. They can then form as "The Balor Club."

I guess we'll all find out soon enough. For those that missed it, here's the segment with Balor and Nakamura from this week's NXT TV.