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REPORT: Hundreds of WWE releases expected between staff and talent



As of this writing, at least 39 people (wrestlers and employees) have been released by WWE but it looks like more releases are coming.

WrestleVotes is reporting that the expectation is that the number of people expected to be released will go into the hundreds when all is said and done. That would include people who work behind-the-scenes on the road and at company headquarters.

WWE has only publicly announced the wrestlers that have been released but several others in the company including agents, coaches, writers, and announcers have been let go or furloughed.

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WrestleVotes wrote: "All I can say is wow at this point. The number of people, staff + talent, let go will be in the hundreds when it’s all set and done. Well into the hundreds. A dark day in WWE history."

We will post an update when more releases are officially announced/confirmed.

Click here for the updated list of names released so far.

WWE has told people that the door may be open for some wrestlers to return when the economy stabilizes. At this point, it's anyone's guess when that might happen.