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REPORT: Issue with Finn Balor added to backstage heat on Lio Rush from WWE locker room

Many of you have heard about the backstage issues with Lio Rush. Since he signed with WWE in 2017, the primary issue some have with him is how he carries himself and it rubs people the wrong way. Just a few weeks after he signed with the company, there was talk that he would be fired after he made a joke about Emma’s release. He saved his job when he apologized.

Apparently, there’s a couple of other things that have added to the heat he has backstage.

Fightful is reporting that the WWE roster has wanted him out of the locker room for a while. Rush reportedly has insisted on having his wife with him everywhere he goes. There’s no word on if there’s any heat on her but this is just another instance of Rush not endearing himself to his co-workers.

There was also an issue between Rush and Finn Balor. The veteran Balor tried to give some advice to Rush and told him that Vince McMahon probably wouldn’t be too happy about his wife hanging around rehearsals at ringside and word got around the locker room when Rush didn’t seem to accept the advice.

Furthermore, the report states that there was another incident that caused management to get involved.

The reports also notes that that Rush told some of the roster last year that he hoped to get a reality show deal with his wife at some point. One WWE source I spoke with compared Rush to Enzo Amore. You might recall that Amore was kicked off a WWE tour bus a couple of years ago and the feeling on him was that he cared more about using WWE as a stepping stone for future business endeavors. Amore also did not endear himself to the locker room when he would bring friends to hang out with him backstage.

Based on his social media, it looks like Rush is preparing for life away from WWE. He recently launched a Cameo account for paid video shout outs to fans. He has also added an email address on his Twitter bio for business inquiries.

Click here for Rush’s response to the recent reports.

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