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REPORT: James Ellsworth offered money for someone to track down 16-year-old accuser and destroy her phone

On Wednesday night, former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth issued another statement and he proclaimed his innonce once again in regards to the allegations that he sent nude photos to a 16-year-old girl.

The story provided by Ellsworth has been shot down by a source and more details have come out on what he allegedly did to kill her story before police got involved.

Rajah is reporting that Ellsworth’s statements are a cover-up to try to salvage his wrestling career. Furthermore, the report states that on the night the story broke, someone on the East Coast was offered “a few thousand dollars” by Ellsworth.

The story states that Ellsworth’s plan was for the person to find out where the 16-year-old girl lived so her phone could be stolen and destroyed. Ellsworth allegedly wanted this to happen so she could not take it to police to present it as evidence.

If this is true and it can be proved, then Ellsworth could be in major legal trouble.

Click here for more details what has transpired with Ellsworth in recent weeks.

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