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REPORT: Kairi Sane leaving WWE is far from set in stone



Over the last week, there has been a lot of talk about the future of Kairi Sane in WWE.

After not appearing on WWE television since the May 26th episode of Raw, Sane made her return during Monday’s episode of Raw where she beat Sasha Banks. This win earned Sane and Asuka the right to challenge Banks and Bayley for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles next week.

It was originally reported that Sane is expected to leave WWE soon so she could be with her husband in Japan.

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The latest update comes from Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, which is where he noted that "Sane leaving WWE is far from set in stone.” Per the report, Sane was said to have been quite shaken up by her last concussion.

In fact, she considered her future as a result. This concussion came back in her match with Nia Jax where she was sent head first into the steel steps.

McCarthy stated the previous report about how she is considering returning home to Japan to be with her husband with the possibility of wrestling another year or so in her homeland before retiring is true.

However, McCarthy is under the impression that WWE is intent on taking care of Sane to the point where they are set to offer her better money than she could get anywhere else in an attempt to keep her involved with the company. It was noted that it’s believed she could be swayed.

As of this writing, there’s no word yet on what that role would entail whether that would be for her to stay in the United States or make a return to Japan. Either way, WWE still sees value in her as a performer.