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REPORT: Lana has “nuclear heat” backstage

As noted last week, Lana has heat backstage stemming from her going public on TMZ about her engagement to Rusev. The feeling is that she ruined the angle with Rusev, Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler and that caused plans to be dropped. Ziggler would eventually be broken away from Summer Rae and Summer would end up with Tyler Breeze. There was talk that Lana would have turned on Dolph Ziggler and ended back with Rusev.

Dave Meltzer noted on this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio that Lana has “nuclear heat” with management for several reasons. The other reason, other than the one mentioned above, is the recent twitter exchange with Paige. That was not something done as part of a storyline. In fact, Paige deleted her tweet telling Lana to stop trying to get herself a storyline and the department was told to write a story on their website so they could try and make it look like they were doing a storyline.

WWE officials are not happy with some of the cryptic tweets posted on Lana’s social media accounts. It should be noted that Lana is currently training at the WWE Performance Center so it looks like she’ll be back on TV soon. It remains to be seen if she’ll be paired with Rusev or if the company has other plans for her.

Rusev posted this photo today on Instagram:

I will fight anyone. In the name of the father son and my holy wife. You try me @thelanawwe

A photo posted by Miroslav Barnyashev (@rusevig) on

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