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REPORT: Major update on CM Punk-All In rumors



CM Punk is heading into one of the biggest nights of his life on Saturday night at UFC 225. Ahead of this fight, there have been questions about his future. Punk has indicated that he wants to fight again but many of his long-time fans have been wondering about his future in wrestling.

The Voices Of Wrestling podcast covered the trial this week, specifically some of the things Punk told the media after the jury verdict. On this week's show, Rich Kraetsch and Joe Lanza discussed what could turn into a big news item in regards to Punk's future in wrestling.

Just hours after the jury verdict, Punk told Ariel Helwani that he has never received a real offer for wrestling since leaving WWE in 2014 and he seemingly left the door for a return if something worthwhile came up. However, in a later interview, Punk outright said that he was done with professional wrestling. That had led to speculation on whether he was just saying that to throw people off or if he just had a quick change of heart.

Lanza shared some interesting news on the latest VOW podcast. "We have been sitting on an All In scoop or maybe it's not a scoop, I don't know. We have been sitting on All In/Punk information for about a month? Let's break down what we were randomly told by a source that has never let us down."

He continued, "We were told that Punk is All In about a month ago. Not to participate in a match, obviously, UFC is not gonna let him do that. He would be on the show in some capacity."

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"The caveat was if the UFC fight was an utter embarrassment, he wasn't going to show up at all."

Basically, if Punk looks really good on Saturday night in the fight against Mike Jackson, then he would likely make an appearance at the All In Show. Lanza continued, "That's all our conjecture because we didn't get a clear answer because the person didn't know and they were just telling us what they were told. We'll see but then what happened was after we were told that, he was announced for the Pro Wrestling Tees thing."

Lanza said that he and co-host debated whether to talk about this because they could have meant the Pro Wrestling Tees appearance.

Lanza noted that Punk told WrestleZone "no" when asked about an appearance at All In. He also noted that Punk said it with a smirk on his face and his body language seemed to indicate that it was a sarcastic "no."

I guess the big takeaway here is that if you want to see Punk again at a wrestling show, then you should root for Punk to look good on Saturday night at UFC 225.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below (highly recommended):