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REPORT: More than 100 WWE employees let go this week



As noted earlier this week, WWE has dissolved its offices in Japan.

Yahoo News Japan is reporting that the decision also means that 100 employees were let go. The story claims that the issues were brought on by the pandemic but also cited United States media reports on the organizational changes happening this year.

The translated version of the story states:

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"The government official bulletin on the 2nd announced the dissolution of the company, and it is said that all employees agreed on the 1st. Since this spring, more than 100 players and staff have been dismissed at WWE because of management problems due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but according to the U.S. media, it is part of the organizational change due to that trend."

This appears to be a setback on the company's plans to expand internationally. At one point, there were plans to have NXT territories in different countries. So far, they have only been able to launch NXT UK.

Given the issues with NXT in the United States, it does not look like there are any plans to expand NXT soon.