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REPORT: Neville was unhappy since January and infuriated that WWE would disregard his service and value



There is still no update yet on the status of Neville's release from WWE. He will need to be granted a release and probably wait an additional 90 days before he can work for another wrestling company. It's clear that he was not happy with how things were going for him in WWE. I can say that there were people in the cruiserweight division that were not happy about Enzo Amore being pushed ahead of them and that might have been the last straw for Neville.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Neville was frustrated with the direction of his character and lack of pay-offs. Barrasso also reported that Neville balked at the idea of losing to Amore on last week's Monday Night Raw. He was not at the show but I am assuming that he chose not to go to Raw after being told what the plans were for him.

Barrasso also noted that Neville's issues with the company were not new because he was miserable since January. He was also unhappy about his Cruiserweight title match with Austin Aries being moved to the Kickoff show, which meant that he and Aries would not get royalties because the match would not be included in the DVD and Blu-Ray. Prior to his WWE release, Aries also expressed frustration about not getting royalties for the match. Neville was infuriated because he would often wrestle hurt, tired and with minimal complaints and the company would disregard his service and value and felt that he was being used as the "get-over-guy" to enhance other talents. Well, it certainly appeared to be the case with Amore's recent push.

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Neville is just 31 years old so he has many good years ahead of him in the wrestling business. But we don't know how much time he has left on his contract. The next step for him is getting WWE to grant him his release. They could opt to keep him under contract and keep him off the independent scene like they are doing with Daniel Bryan and like they did with Rey Mysterio. Hopefully, for Neville's sake, he will be free and clear soon.

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