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Report on Vince McMahon’s reaction to Ronda Rousey WWE HQ photo being posted online

Last week, the Ronda Rousey-WWE return rumors picked up steam when Cain Velasquez noted on Twitter that he ran into her at the company headquarters in Stamford, CT. Velasquez also posted a photo of himself with Rousey.

Dave Meltzer says he was told that they were both there at the same time by coincidence and they were both there for meetings on a number of things. WWE has been bringing in a lot of talent in for meetings with multiple departments since there has been a lot of corporate shifting and changes since December.

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Meltzer noted that the photo that was posted by Velasquez caused quite the stir at the WWE offices since whatever the plan is for Rousey is supposed to be kept top secret to the point that only a few people were supposed to know that she was there.

One person there noted that Vince McMahon was freaking out badly but knowing that he couldn’t fire the “leaker” since it was Velasquez who didn’t know any better. Another person said that was overblown and people at the office were more laughing about it than freaking out.

Her meeting at WWE Headquarters only adds fuel to some of the rumors on social media suggesting that she might be making a surprise appearance at WrestleMania (if the show is not postponed due to coronavirus).


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