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Cora Jade looks to have a promising WWE career with the backing of Triple H, who oversees the company’s creative.

Jade signed with NXT last year and was pushed as a babyface star before turning heel when she attacked Roxanne Perez.

While speaking with GiveMeSport’s Louis Dangoor, WrestleVotes stated that there is a feeling within WWE that Cora could become ‘the next Sasha Banks.’ This feeling is one that Triple H reportedly shares.

“Everybody loves Cora. She’s on the fast track to becoming the next Sasha Banks. She has the same thing Sasha has, she’s talented she’s got this unique look about her, she’s super young, and she’s pretty decent in the ring, right? The potential of her becoming a big deal is high and WWE sees that.”

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It’s still unclear when Cora will be brought up to the main roster, and WrestleVotes noted that they wouldn’t be surprised if she’s given more time in NXT to develop, as she is still at the beginning of her wrestling career.

Banks recently teased something big was coming this month, and she’s been waiting on this day to happen for the last six months. It’s led to a lot of speculation that Banks and Naomi are getting closer to making their WWE return, especially after WWE added them back into the signature intro video during the Crown Jewel broadcast.