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REPORT: Recent Bruce Prichard interview considered an embarrassment by some in WWE

Bruce Prichard appeared on Sam Robert’s NotSam podcast on the WWE Network this past week and Prichard’s appearance reportedly ruffled some feathers among some people in WWE.

When was talking about the creation of Monday Night Raw, Prichard was quoted as saying the following during the podcast: “It was different, it was new for the time. People don’t like change. People don’t like when you take away what they’re used to and you give them someone else. It’s like, ‘I’ve never seen this person before, who the Hell’s this guys?!’ They’ll focus on what they don’t understand so it’s ‘I don’t understand it, I don’t like it;’ because it’s not comfortable.”

Ringside News reports that many people in WWE described Prichard’s appearance on the podcast as “an embarrassment,” especially with producers and writers who watched the interview.

Ringside News says they were told the following by a WWE source: “He is arrogant, entitled, all-knowing and thinks he’s smarter than the audience and that he can dictate to the audience instead of listening to the audience and presenting a product that the audience will want and support.”

RSN says a WWE source expressed some surprise at the fact that Prichard didn’t “reign himself in” before appearing on the podcast and what he said was not a good look for him.

The entire interview with Prichard, which is mostly about old school WWF, is up at this link on the WWE Network website.


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