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REPORT: Samoa Joe's WWE NXT role is not to be a full-time wrestler



The situation with Samoa Joe is odd because not much has been said about why he was pulled from NXT TV this week. WWE has stated that he was stripped of the NXT Championship because he is not cleared to compete but the company has said what came up that would keep him from wrestling.

Dave Meltzer said in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the only direct word from WWE on Joe is that he was hired primarily for a non-wrestling role in NXT.

During the NXT 2.0 relaunch this week, they barely mentioned Joe and not much was said about the reason for his absence. There was online speculation that perhaps, they wanted to strip the title from Joe because they wanted a fresh start with a young guy as champion to kick off the new NXT 2.0 but, as many of you saw, they put the title on Tommaso Ciampa, who has been in NXT for years.

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For what it's worth, Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live this week that there's one person in WWE who he spoke to that believes that Joe's injury is a work but nobody seems to know exactly what is going on.