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REPORT: The COVID-19 outbreak in WWE is worse than originally reported

There is a lot more news expected to come out from WWE on the positive COVID-19 tests and it’s not good.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that he has heard things from multiple people regarding one story and one person regarding another story but he was told things off the record so he cannot give full details right now.

Alvarez said, “Today they were supposed to tape a SmackDown and a Raw. As far as I know, they taped SmackDown…”

He added, “Raw is not taping today. They have announced that Raw is being taped tomorrow. What I have been told by multiple people is that they tested everybody on the Raw side and they did not like the results so they are retesting everybody and they are moving the show until tomorrow. I have zero numbers … whatever number it is, it was enough that they didn’t tape today.”

He added, “I was told that tomorrow is also the day that a lot of other results are going to come back….the feeling is tomorrow is gonna be another bad day in terms of results.”

Alvarez pointed out that WWE producer Jamie Noble revealed that they have tested positive for COVID-19. Noble was in the ring with many wrestlers to help them go over their matches so now everyone is worried that they got the virus from him.

“There is more that I heard but I have not confirmed it yet. If you think what I just told you is bad, it’s bad. It is bad. I will tell you as much as I am able to tell you and if I hear more throughout the show, I’ll let you know.”

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