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Finn Balor has been booked strongly by Triple H over the years, whether it was his first run in WWE NXT or his return in 2019 for a second run where he was a dominant champion or now on the main roster.

Balor, alongside Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Domnik Mysterio, has been pushed strong as part of The Judgment Day group on Monday Night Raw by Triple H.

While speaking with GiveMeSport, WrestleVotes stated that Balor and Triple H have always liked each other, and Triple H views Balor as a ‘reclamation story:'

“They’ve always, always really liked each other. Seeing what Finn has been over the last few years, Hunter sees almost like a reclamation project, but one that he can get behind because of their personal relationship.”

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In January, Vince McMahon had given up on pushing Balor as a top star. was told by a source in WWE the following regarding Balor putting over Austin Theory at the time:

"Yea, Finn was moved into the spot that Jeff Hardy had. He's just there now to help get over the younger guys. There was a pitch to make him heel but that was weeks ago and I haven't heard much about it since then. Vince never saw Finn as more than just a mid card guy. Heyman would have pushed him to the moon but Vince just never saw it. Austin [Theory] is going to get time to shine in the Rumble match. Last I heard was he will be in the final 4 or 5 at the end of the match."

Balor is slated to wrestle AJ Styles this Saturday at Survivor Series in a singles match.