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REPORT: WWE 2K22 to feature GM Mode

2K Games

2K Games

The fan-favorite GM Mode is coming back in WWE 2K22.

A new report from Mike Straw of Sports Gamers Online noted the mode will return in the game. One source stated the mode was a top priority for the publishers as fans wanted it and they made it happen for the next installment of the series.

The mode sees players take control of a WWE brand and make booking and financial decisions to try to make the brand the dominant program. This mode hasn’t been in a WWE game since 2007 as it was last seen in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 under the title of WWE 24/7 mode.

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In recent years, Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze have played the mode on UpUpDownDown and made it a popular mode once again.

2K Games have yet to confirm the mode is in the game, but it has been noted in the past that more information about the game will start coming out in January before the release date in March 2022.