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REPORT: WWE has not made any contact with Rey Mysterio since May

There is still no word on fallout (if any) from Rey Mysterio's taped appearance at the TripleMania pay-per-view a week and a half ago. No one from WWE has contacted Rey Mysterio since May. That includes phone calls, e-mails, and letters. The only thing he's gotten from WWE is pay checks. No one from WWE asked him why he did the taped appearance and there hasn't been a threat or anything from WWE about it. WWE did a house show on August 23rd in his home city of San Diego and WWE didn't reach out to him to tell him whether to appear or not appear on the show. Also, Alberto Del Rio is booked for shows in Puerto Rico in less than 90 days and he's started to take bookings in the United States even though he's supposed to be prohibited from doing so for one year. There have been no contact or legal threats made to AAA about Del Rio.

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