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REPORT: WWE has stopped or scaled back The Revival's pay after sending them home



The relationship between The Revival and WWE has apparently soured in the last few weeks as it looks like they are on their out of the company and possibly signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Fightful is reporting that Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have seen a disruption in their pay after they were sent home. We noted last week that The Revival were originally scheduled for the tag team Elimination Chamber match but the decision was made to replace them with Lucha House Party.

Fightful cites sources saying that Dawson and Wilder either are not getting paid or their pay has been "extremely scaled back" because they have exceeded their downside guarantees.

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For those of you wondering, the downside guarantee in wrestlers contracts is a set guaranteed amount they are paid but what they make is usually more than that when you factor in their percentage of house show and merchandise revenue.

Dawson and Wilder have attempted to get their release several times in the past year only to have it denied. WWE has tried several times to get them to sign new contracts for significant money. At this point, they are not listed on the internal WrestleMania card so they could end up sitting at home until their deals expire sometime in April.

The belief among many is that they will end up in AEW. We've stated here several times that Dawson and Wilder have retained the services of the same trademark lawyer that handles trademark filings for several people in AEW.