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REPORT: WWE working on moving WrestleMania to June 7 at Madison Square Garden (NOT the Performance Center)

WWE WrestleMania MSG

A huge rumor has come up in the last couple of hours on the location for WrestleMania 36. The @fightoracle account has been correct on several big wrestling stories in the past, including spoiler news on the Royal Rumble winners, Edge being cleared to return, CM Punk's talks with Fox Sports to be on WWE Backstage and Anthem being in talks to buy AXS TV.

Now he is reporting that WWE's plan is actually to move WrestleMania to June 7 at Madison Square Garden. He states that the reason for this is that WWE's insurance policy says that they have a duty to mitigate damages. Finding a new venue, the Performance Center, would satisfy that requirement.

The belief is that the city of Orlando will shut down the event from the PC and that would show that WWE tried their best to move the event to mitigate the damages and then they could get paid by their insurer. At that point, they can move the show to June 7 at Madison Square Garden. This would also make MSG management happy because they are losing out on a WWE live event in that venue on March 22nd due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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This scenario makes sense as it seems more logical to move the show to a later date at a large venue instead of the PC with no fans.

The insurance rumor came up on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Live when Bryan Alvarez discussed why Vince McMahon was so hesitant to cancel the show at Raymond James Stadium.

"I don't know for sure, I can't tell you 100 percent," Alvarez said. "But I've heard from more and more people very close to WWE who are telling me that the reason this thing has not been canceled or postponed is an insurance reason."

"The city needs to prevent WrestleMania from happening for WWE to collect on an insurance policy. That is the information that I've been given from several people. I don't know if this is true or not but these people are close to WWE and that's what they're saying."

Also, June 7 was the date that was rumored among some people in WWE over the weekend. If this indeed the plan, WWE still has a big hurdle to jump through. June 7 may be too early if there are still restrictions in place on mass gatherings. They could move the show to July or early August but then it would be very close to SummerSlam. At this point, nothing is guaranteed but it looks like MSG may end up hosting WrestleMania when all is said and done.