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SPOILERS: Results from first round of WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament



WWE really needs to find an opponent worthy of facing Pete Dunne. The Bruiserweight has held the WWE United Kingdom Championship for over a year at this point and he's been able to successfully bat down anyone who came his way.

Now a United Kingdom Championship Tournament is taking place where the winner will get a shot at Dunne's title at the Royal Albert Hall. They've stacked the tournament and brought in several top names from all over the UK for this event and hopefully, a television show is on the way for that insanely good roster very soon.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live yesterday that the rumor for WWE's United Kingdom Championship Tournament is that it will start this fall, but we've heard rumblings of that before. Theoretically, if WWE would have pulled the trigger on holding a weekly show for the UK Roster when they first said that it would happen we would have been enjoying that action for a while now.

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But the United Kingdom Championship Tournament promises to be a special set of shows and since the tournament is so large it can't fit in the Royal Albert Hall for the two-night event WWE held some opening round contests during the Download Festival.

Flash Morgan already defeated James Drake so he will move on in the tournament. In what some are considering a surprise, Joseph Connors lost his match to Ashton Smith. It's not the end of the road for anyone once they've been eliminated though because as stated above, hopefully, we will be seeing those guys on a much more frequent basis very soon on the WWE Network.