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Retribution member promises to destroy CM Punk if he ever shows up on WWE Raw



Retribution member T-Bar took to Twitter this evening to fire back at CM Punk after Punk took a jab at them on social media.

Punk's tweet included a photo of Retribution member Slapjack along with the following text: "When you're bored in catering and there's an abundance of paper plates."

That was an obvious shot at Shane Thorne, who portrays the Slapjack character. Retribution's T-Bar fired back with the following tweet:

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"To @CMPunk: You mock my brother SLAPJACK because you are a coward like every current and former @WWE Superstar. You tease leading RETRIBUTION but we will not follow you to failure like your New Nexus. We will destroy this place piece by piece, including you if you ever show up."

Thorne (aka Slapjack) also sent out this tweet:

Neither main evented Monday Night Raw.
SLAPJACK did on night one.