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Rey Mysterio has yet to sign a new WWE contract



Last week we noted how WWE left things open for Rey Mysterio to return if he signed a new contract. The idea behind the finish to the Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules was to leave things open-ended so if he signs a new deal then they can say that his eye has recovered.

Mysterio met with Vince McMahon last week at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. Mysterio wants a raise but McMahon has been unwilling to pay him more on a new deal because they are in cost-cutting mode because of the pandemic. WWE is not handing out raises despite the fact that they are on pace for record revenue this year.

Apparently, a deal was not reached last week in Stamford because, as noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, Mysterio has yet to sign a new deal. He was not on last night's show but his son Dominik was there to continue the angle with Seth Rollins and Murphy. It is unknown if Dominik has signed a contract (or at least a short term one) but, based on how things played out last night, it looks like they are building towards Dominik vs. Rollins.

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