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Rey Mysterio predicts WWE Royal Rumble winner, surprise planned for Baron Corbin



Ahead of tomorrow night's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Rey Mysterio was interviewed by Forbes' Alfred Konuwa. During the interview, Mysterio said he had a surprise for Baron Corbin. He also talked about wanting to see Dominik in the match. He also gave his prediction on who could win. It should be noted that Rey is also in the match.

Click here for the entire interview. Thanks to Alfred Konuwa for the following highlights:

Rey Mysterio on wanting to see Dominik win the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble
I’d definitely love to see Dominik win his first Royal Rumble, without a doubt,” said Mysterio. “I think as a father I would definitely love to see my son succeed. But I’ll give him one pass. If he’s on the verge of being thrown up, I’ll save him once but I won’t save him twice."

Rey Mysterio on a potential surprise for Baron Corbin 
“I have a little surprise that eventually will pop up, I’m just waiting for the right time for that, and the whole SmackDown family will know...we do know that Corbin was a former Golden Gloves boxer, so we might go down that route.”

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Rey Mysterio's favorite WWE Royal Rumble memory 
Personally, the [Royal Rumble] that really stands out the most is when I won, just because so many things were centered that night. The fact that I came out No. 2, I came out in a lowrider, I was representing my people. It was a Rumble that a lot of fans wanted to see me win, but just thought it was going to be impossible, and as the night got closer to the end, the fans were like ‘I think he’s gonna pull it off.’”

“The presence of being there, and just staying [in the final three] with Randy [Orton] and Triple H and dumping both of them out, was just such an iconic moment. Such a historical moment, for me, for my fans, for the ones who have been following me for years that thought that my opportunity was due, was happiness overall.

Rey Mysterio's Prediction on the 2021 Royal Rumble Winner 
“If I give you my pick, I feel like I’m giving it away. Like, that’s gonna be the winner,” Rey began.

“I definitely see Ziggler. For some reason, I think he’s one of the top three. Besides that, I would love to see Dominik in the last five. I think that would be incredible. Garza and Andrade would be incredible there. I don’t know if it’s the timing, but I would love to see them in the Top 5 as well.”

 Rey Mysterio on his Mount Rushmore 
“I do like to consider the wrestlers who have inspired me throughout my career,” said Mysterio.

“My uncle was a big inspiration to me. What he was doing during his time I thought was incredible. Negro Casas has been a huge inspiration to me, Tiger Mask has been another huge inspiration and Tiger Mask cannot go alone, he has to go alongside Dynamite Kid. I think those right there just inspired me throughout the whole way. Of course, you could never do your Top 5 and not put Eddie Guerrero in there.”