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Rey Mysterio reveals if his son will wear a mask when he wrestles

Rey Mysterio Dominik

Rey Mysterio's son, Dominic, was first introduced to the professional wrestling world back in 2005 as a young boy. He was part of a storyline between Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, who claimed to be Dominic's biological father. Of course, Mysterio eventually defeated Mysterio to gain custody of Dominic when it was all said and done. Today, Dominic is looking to follow in his father's footsteps in the professional wrestling world and has been training extensively for his eventual debut.

Recently, Mysterio took to Lilian Garcia's podcast, "Chasing Glory," to offer an update on his son's training. Mysterio has really been involved in getting his son the best training possible before his debut. Dominic has been working all kinds of different styles, and is currently learning under Lance Storm in Canada. He will eventually move to Houston, Texas to get set up with WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T's Reality of Wrestling, and then perhaps to Mexico to pick up some Lucha Libre experience.

In regards to whether or not his son will wrestle in a mask like he does, Mysterio said he doesn't think that will be the case:

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"No, I don't think he wants to [wear a mask]. He has something special to do with the mask just to represent and to pretty much honor his father," said Mysterio. "But I think since he was known already when doing this as a kid and we post pictures together it is kind of hard…

"For me my final dream come true as a wrestler and as a father is to be able to perform in there with my son so that I can say that I have done it all. Like, okay, this is it. It is going to happen. I believe it is."

Listen to "619 himself - Rey Mysterio" on Spreaker.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions