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Rey Mysterio says Dominik was not supposed to debut in WWE until 2021

This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” Rey and Dominik Mysterio talk about Dominik’s wrestling career so far and their reaction to Dominik’s match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Rey also shares which Hall of Famer he would have liked to have been Dominik’s first opponent, the pressure Dominik has, what it was like living with a father who was always on the road, and Rey talks about how much time he has left in the ring.

Here are some highlights:

Dominik said he didn’t have a knack for school: “It’s hard to say where my passion for wrestling started because I grew up with it and always loved it. I never had a passion to do it because I was focused on football and soccer. I wanted to go to college and try to get a scholarship. I just didn’t like the program that the college I went to had.”

Rey said, “I always told him school was a priority. I was never a school guy and Dom never became a school guy so when he went to community college, he knew that he wasn’t going to get to where he was going to be so he said he had to find another way out.”

Dominick said, “It wasn’t coming together. It didn’t feel right and I just wanted to give it (wrestling) a try and see if I could do something with it.”

Dominik said he once had long hair: “I did something in school I probably should not have done and my punishment was to get my hair cut off.  When I played football, I loved having the name Goldilocks because I would hit people really hard and they would not expect it from a kid with long blonde hair. I loved having my hair. I always had a love for knives since I was a kid. I didn’t realize I had a little knife in my backpack and one of my buddies had a bigger knife in his backpack and we were doing a trade on the bus. I went to the bathroom and I had the knife. I was admiring it. Someone walked in and he went and told us.”

Rey said, “what are we (Rey and his wife) going to do? I can’t hit him so we ended up taking away his hair which was really long at the time. My wife and I said, that’s what he adored at the time. Normally you take away something they really like and the hair was his look. For him, the hair was everything.”

Rey said Dominik wasn’t supposed to debut for WWE this early: “We weren’t expecting this opportunity so quick. We were still giving it about another year of training. We started to negotiate with WWE for him to potentially sign a developmental deal and we said ok. I told him to go to the Performance Center and get ready and be ready by 2021. This opportunity presented itself. I told him I can’t say yes or no. It’s up to you. However you feel. As a parent, the last thing I wanted him to do is fail on his first try. I said all eyes are on you. It isn’t an indie show with no TV. You are live worldwide, SummerSlam, one of the biggest PPVs in WWE. He took the opportunity. He had been training for almost three years by then.”

Dominik added, “I felt I could do it. I had training from Tempe, to Calgary and then to come home to San Diego and the people I had been in the ring with and the feedback I had been getting, I felt that I could do it. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that was being presented so I jumped on it.”

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