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Rey Mysterio says Randy Orton is the best wrestler in WWE, comments on a possible return to the company

El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of to talk about his career and more. During the interview, he was asked about Randy Orton. According to Mysterio, Orton is the best wrestler in WWE. “I don’t think there is ever going to be a guy that works the style he does. The way he carries himself in the ring means a lot to me. Randy has a great presence and style that can’t be compared to anyone, and nobody can imitate his style.” He said that he uses Orton as an example to his son because his son starts his training to become a pro wrestling in January. He noted that his son is 6’1”, 205 and insist that he learns from Orton’s style. Mysterio said that Orton is an awesome human being, and he’s a general in the ring.

Currently, Mysterio wrestles in Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network. When asked about the show, “Lucha Underground is a completely different atmosphere compared to what I was accustomed to for the last 14 years from schedule to staff to talent,” said Mysterio. He said that it's always exciting to get to step into the ring with different opponents as he learns from each match he competes in. He noted that he was able to wrestle guys like Pentagon, King Cuerno, Matanza, Mil Muertes, and Marty the Moth. He noted that facing guys like that keeps him on his toes because the competition is so big.

Mysterio departed from the WWE in February of 2015. When asked about his departure, Mysterio explained that he left at the right time as his contract was expiring at the time and that he felt burnt out. He added that his kids had grown up almost in the blink of an eye and that time just flew by during his time in the company. “I didn’t realize because I was so caught up in what I was doing, and that was traveling so much and being away from home. I was gone four days a week, and it ate me up. I’m a father, and I provided for my family, but I could only enjoy so much of that when I was always on the road. I’m not about the money, I’m about being around my wife and my children, and I’m enjoying that to the fullest right now.”

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Mysterio stated that you never say never when asked about a possible return to the company but noted that he is very comfortable in the position he is in right now with Lucha Underground due to their schedule and style. He said that he doesn’t think there will ever be another company like Lucha Underground due to it being very unique, exciting, and fresh.

Mysterio also talked about Lucha Underground touring in 2017 and more. You can read the entire interview here.