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Rhea Ripley comments on fan criticism about her WWE character

Over the past few months, Rhea Ripley has been in a feud with Charlotte Flair.

The two stars have history as they feuded last year including where Flair ended up beating Ripley for the NXT Women’s Title at WrestleMania 36. Before she went into a feud with Flair and the COVID-19, she was over in a big way with the fans as a babyface.

Many fans have expressed their take that Ripley has cooled off and not over in the same way since then.

Ripley will make her next title defense as the Raw Women’s Champion against Flair at tonight’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event. While speaking with Bleacher Report, she talked about the criticism of her character not being clearly defined as a heel or babyface since being called up to the main roster.

Ripley started off by noting that she’s intrigued to see the reaction she gets when she walks out at Money in the Bank because she doesn’t know how people feel about her as they may not know who she is.

“I can’t wait to possibly change their minds and make them back me up and cheer for me and believe in me because they should.”  She noted that she’s here to stay.

“People just have to pick one. It’s the same with Stone Cold. Was he really going out being such a nice guy? No, he wasn’t, and people loved him for it, so I don’t see why people are getting so angry about my feud with Charlotte and getting so confused over it when I’m pretty much doing the same thing I was doing in NXT and people loved me for it. I don’t believe there should be designated faces and heels.”

Ripley added that she thinks people should go out there and do their thing then let the fans choose whether they like the person or not.

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