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Ric Flair and Chris Jericho asked to return to WWE

There has been talk of giving Ric Flair a full-time role in the company after his quarter hour segment got a huge rating last week. The show drew a huge number even though it wasn’t expected to so Flair gets some of the credit for that.

WWE called Chris Jericho this past week about coming back. The word is that he has too many outside commitments right now to come back. He did an interview this past week for Digital Spy and gave his thoughts on the Undertaker’s streak ending.

I loved it. I thought it was great. It was a legitimate shock. It got everyone talking. I think the right guy got it if you’re going from a credibility standpoint, and if you’re going from a believability standpoint. As much as people and fans and journalists want to believe that’s not the case, I’m not sure if Undertaker has too many matches left in him. Maybe he doesn’t want to wrestle again. Maybe he knew that he couldn’t take any more. It’s a big, physical task to wrestle as it is, and once a year is hard. I wouldn’t want to come and wrestle just once a year. That’s even harder than wrestling 200 times a year, because your body’s not used to it. And the older you get, the harder it gets, the more aches and pains kick in. Maybe the Undertaker decided that `I don’t want to do this anymore.’ And much to the fans chagrin, who wish that we would wrestle until the day we die at 90 years old and explode into a puff of dust in the ring, sometimes you’ve got to make that decision if the time was now, Brock was the right guy for that day, and I thought it was amazing. And I would have hated it–hated it–if Undertaker would have retired without losing. I think that would have been a horrible way to go. I’m really happy that he lost the streak.

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