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Ric Flair and Lacey Evans are officially together

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair took on Lacey Evans. Before the match, Evans continued to taunt Flair by saying that her flirting towards her father was not unwanted. Charlotte says she has forgiven for her father’s “mistake” last week that cost her a match.

Ric Flair, who was supposed to be at home, showed up during the match to support his daughter during the match with Evans but he turned on his daughter again by putting Evans’ foot on the bottom rope and then tripping Charlotte and causing Evans to pin Charlotte.

Ric and Lacey walked up the ramp together after the match so it’s now official that they are together. As noted last week, there was a botch and Flair was not supposed to trip his own daughter. It looks like WWE has decided to run with it and have Ric go full heel on his daughter.

After the commercial break, they showed Ric and Lacey celebrating and she said she would change clothes at the hotel.

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