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Ric Flair and Randy Orton attacked Christian at the end of WWE Raw



This week on WWE Monday Night Raw it looked like Christian was about to make his return to the ring in an unsanctioned match against Randy Orton but things didn't turn out as planned.

The match was about to get started but Ric Flair walked out to ringside to try to convince Christian not to fight Orton because he has nothing to prove. Flair hit Christian with a low blow as the bell rang and that allowed Orton to nail Christian with the punt to the head.

Orton pinned Christian to win the unsanctioned "match" in less than a minute. The show ended with Orton yelling at the unconscious Christian and telling him that this was all his fault. Orton also asked for forgiveness but said he didn't want Christian to take away his livelihood.

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For what it's worth, there were rumors over the weekend that Christian may have been cleared to wrestle again.