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Ric Flair comments on Charlotte Flair's appearance in ESPN Magazine's Body Issue



Charlotte Flair has made her father The Nature Boy Ric Flair proud on a number of occasions. As she continues to live out her family's legacy and create a lasting history for herself, Charlotte Flair will probably see way more mainstream exposure as time goes on. If anything, appearing in ESPN Magazine's Body Issue was a fantastic place to be in.

Many people who might not even realize who Charlotte is or what she has accomplished might discover The Queen when they pick up The Body Issue. It's safe to say that this is a great way to get her name out there. Some people might have an issue with Flair's nudity in the pictorial spread but ESPN's Body Issue has a well-established history of doing things in an artistic and classy way.

It's empowering for Flair to be featured in this kind of outlet and she is obviously proud of her body as she put it on full display in the pages of the magazine. Charlotte's father Ric Flair obviously saw this and when he did the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer had to comment about how proud he was.

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Flair said "the queen looking as only she can look!" when he saw his daughter's pictures. He is obviously proud of her and Ric's not the only one as many more have praised Charlotte for her pro-wrestling inspired set of pictures.

Only time will tell if this will open the door for more WWE Superstars to join her but it looks like they're off to a good start with Charlotte Flair and her 16x World Champion father has to agree that his daughter The Queen looks like absolute royalty.