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Ric Flair comments on what Randy Orton said about his son: “I wanted last night to go differently”

Ric Flair took to Twitter to tell fans that there is something else he wanted to say during the show-closing angle with Randy Orton on WWE Monday Night Raw.

During last night’s segment, Flair said that is no longer the person that he was back in 2001 and now he is just Charlotte’s dad and he wants Orton to be the one to break the record for most World Title reigns.

Orton said that Flair wanted him to be the son that Flair wished he had. It was an obvious reference to Flair not being as close with his son David, who never made it big in the wrestling business. It was also a reference to Reid, who passed away several years ago.

Flair responded to what Orton said last night but he did not specifically say anything about the “son that you wish you had” comment.

Flair tweeted the following today: “I Wanted Last Night To Go Differently. What I Would Have Said Is I Don’t Know What Would’ve Happened If My Son Was In This Business. But I Do Know What Charlotte Has Done, And Like You Randy, She Is Much Better Than I Ever Was, Just Like You Have Surpassed Your Father. That’s it.”

As it has been noted here on the site, the angle on Raw was done to write Flair off the show.

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