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Ric Flair explains why he thinks WWE promos are so scripted today

Recently, two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair was interviewed by fellow Hall Of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, on his podcast, “The Steve Austin Show.” During their conversation, Austin and Flair talked about the current state of today’s promos in WWE, and how heavily scripted they are. Austin and Flair are two of the greatest speakers of all time, so their¬†input will likely have many of today’s stars’ attention.

Flair said that he believes the reason promos are so heavily scripted today is because WWE doesn’t think the talent backstage have enough experience to freestyle it themselves. “The Nature Boy” said that back in the days of Steve Austin, there weren’t “40 writers” walking him to the gorilla position before he went out to the stage.

He did admit, however, that with how “high wire” today’s product is presented, this generation of talent certainly has a lot more on their plate in terms of workload:

“I have to believe, because I was there with [Austin] a lot, but [Austin] walked around and [he] collected [his] thoughts and [Austin] knew where [he] was going. [Austin] didn’t have 40 writers walking [him] to the gorilla [position] before [he] walked out the door. [Austin] had a gameplan.

“When you have that groove and the capacity to entertain the crowd, they have to let you run with it and I don’t see that much these days because I think they’re worried that the kids don’t have enough experience. It’s not that they can’t, but that they don’t have enough experience, so I think it’s harder these days from that standpoint.

“Do I think it’s any easier in terms of work? No. I think that the kids do a lot more high wire stuff right now and they incorporate so many things in their work. It’s not that they’re any more gifted as an athlete, but the business has raised the bar. Ultimately, it may mean something or it won’t mean something.”

Listen to Flair’s conversation with Austin on “The Steve Austin Show” in the player below:

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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