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Ric Flair mocks Becky Lynch for being “make believe” and “far behind” him

Ric Flair took to Twitter to blast WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for some reason.

This time, the WWE Hall Of Famer is saying that Lynch is just “make believe” compared to him and he asked when she is going to give up. He also took a jab at “The Man” monicker she’s used on WWE TV and said that “they don’t own it.” That is a reference to Flair’s claim that he came up with the name and that neither Lynch nor WWE own the trademark. Flair’s tweet included side-by-side photos of each of them posing with Migos. Lynch’s photo was taken Saturday night at WWE Day 1.

Flair has been taking these kinds of jabs since early November after the backstage incident between Lynch and Charlotte Flair. During her appearance on Ariel Helwani’s show, Lynch was asked about it and briefly talked about Ric being a “sad man” who dug himself into a hole but she has not said much since that time.

Flair’s tweet: “The Mood Is Night & Day! One’s Real & One’s Make Believe! She’s Big Time, But There’s No Drip, And There Never Will Be! And I Thought She Was THE MAN, But I Guess Not Because They Don’t Own It! HA! When Are You Going To Give Up @BeckyLynchWWE? You’re So Far Behind! WOOOOO!”

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