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Ric Flair names current WWE stars he would want in the Four Horsemen, Bryan Danielson being an ‘ok’ worker

The latest episode of Ric Flair’s “Wooooo Nation Uncensored” podcast is up with Flair’s hot takes on some of the recent wrestling news.

Mark Madden asked Ric Flair, “Let’s talk about Bryan Danielson.  How do you see his work?”

Flair said, “It’s ok.”

Madden:  “Wow.  You just pissed a lot of people off because they think he’s everything and a bag of chips.  Ok is  not the word they’re looking for.”

Flair:  “I didn’t say he wasn’t a good worker.  You asked me what I thought.  I’ll tell you what.  This is how I feel.  When Hunter put him over at whatever WrestleMania that was (WrestleMania 30), that made him.  He’s a very talented kid.  Don’t misunderstand me, but you have to have one match, one place, one day, somewhere, that makes you who you are.  Hunter, who only wrestles once in a while, came out, the match started out slow, but they ended up having a world class match.  He’s a hell of a performer.  I don’t see him as being Kenny Omega.  I like him.   You’re asking me my opinion.  Is he a babyface now?”

Madden:  “He’s a heel right now.”

Flair:  “As a babyface, he’s not Ricky Steamboat.  As a heel, he’s not me.”  If that pisses people off, then you just have to live with history. I like him a lot personally, but when you start asking me to talk about who’s great and who’s not, I mean he has a style.  He’s not AJ Styles by any means.  He’s a little bit smaller than AJ, but he’s not AJ Styles.”

Madden:  “What do you like about his work?  What do you like, what do you not like?  What are the pros and cons?”

Flair:  “I like his conditioning.  I like the fact that he works hard.  He’ll do anything.  He sacrifices his body at all cost.  He throws himself around and takes incredible bumps.  That one bump he does off the top rope, he’s done it a couple times, is nothing less than incredible.  I don’t know who he was working against.  He does that suplex where he lands on his stomach.  He’s a hell of a hand, but you’re asking me, and once again, I’m not going to budge on who I think is good and who’s great.  I think he’s very good.  As a babyface, it’s more believable.  He can sell his a** off, so when he’s making a comeback, for me, it’s more fun to watch a guy like him making a comeback against the bigger guys.  It’s harder for me to believe that as a heel, he’s going to hold someone down.”

Madden:  “Especially if it’s a bigger opponent.”

Flair:  “Exactly.  As a babyface who’s just average size but is really loaded with talent, I would much rather prefer to see him fighting from underneath as a fan.”

Madden:  “What kind of match could you have had with him?”

Flair:  “Phenomenal with him as a babyface.  I can’t do half the sh*t he can do, but I can take the sh*t that he would give me.”

Flair talking about his neck injury in 1988:

“I cracked C-5 and C-6 in my neck in 1988 right before I wrestled Steamboat in those three matches.  Dusty gave me a DDT and I landed on the side of my head.  I never had neck surgery, but that neck pain may have been the worst thing I ever felt including the abdominal stuff I went through four years ago.  Every night, I had to go to the ring.  Fortunately, with Arn, Tully, and Barry, I would just get in the ring and I would chop somebody.  I couldn’t swing my neck at all.  In three months it healed.  I was lucky as hell.”

Flair was asked if he were to be in the J.J. Dillon role today, who would be in The Four Horsemen now”

“I’ve heard that question before and it changes every day.  It would be Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Dolph Ziggler. That would be a rough crew to handle both in the ring and socially”

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